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About Us

100% Australian Made and Owned

All Weather Tanks is a proudly Australian Owned business providing the highest quality rainwater tanks on the market offering you the very best solution to storing and accessing fresh rainwater to use around your home.  Built from years of experience All Weather Tanks look fantastic and are designed to suit all Australian homes.

Why Choose An All Weather Tank?

We at All Weather Tanks believe that our tanks are the best and to back that up each All Weather Tank comes with the “Built to Last” 10 year warranty, giving you the confidence that your tank has been built to the Highest Australian Standards and will withstand the toughest Australian conditions.

All Weather Tanks are:

  • Made to strict Australian Standards
  • Made from Food Grade UV20 Polyethylene
  • Corrosion free
  • Australian Made

In addition the unique curved design of All Weather Tanks keeps the tank clean allowing rainwater to wash away any dirt or dust that collects on the tank between showers, making sure that your tank does not become an eye sore in your backyard.

The Perfect Fit

All Weather Tanks are Watermark Certified to Australian Standards, what does this mean for you? It means that you can be assured that All Weather Tanks are designed, tested and built to the highest Australian standards by qualified engineers and audited by SAI Global, an independent Australian company, to comply with AS/NZS 4766:2006.



Product certification ensures that your tank will not fail and is a quality, Australian owned product.

All information on the All Weather Range can be found in this site if you require any more detail please forward your request through the Contact Us page.

Our Range

1000L Slimline

1000 Litre Slimline

1000L Underdeck

1000 Litre Underdeck

2000L Lowline

2000 Litre

2000L Round

2000 Litre

2000L Short Slimline

2000 Litre Slimline

2000L Slimline

2000 Litre Slimline

2000L Squat Slimline

2000 Litre Slimline

2000L Super Slimline

2000 Litre Slimline

2000L Underdeck

2000 Litre Underdeck

2500L Slimline

2500 Litre Slimline

3000L Short Slimline

3000 Litre Slimline

3000L Slimline

3000 Litre Slimline

4000L Slimline

4000 Litre Slimline

5000L Round

5000 Litre

5000L Slimline

5000 Litre Slimline

We do not sell direct to the public…

but would be pleased to refer you to the closest All Weather Tanks distributor. We have distributors that can assist you with your water tank needs at a location that’s convenient to you. Contact Us and we can put you in contact with your nearest distributor and the best person to speak with in regards to purchasing your brand new water tank.


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