All Weather Tanks


Subject to the conditions herein the manufacturer will repair or replace (at their discretion), any All Weather water tank which has a manufacturing defect or fault that is notified to All Weather Tanks within the Warranty Period provided that:
The tank has been correctly installed with appropriate foundations and maintenance. In this regard, you should consult a qualified plumber.
The tank has not been subject to any modification, unauthorised repair, mishandling or abuse.
The tank has not been relocated without All Weather Tanks prior approval.
The tank is only used for the static storage of water at temperatures below 40oC.
The original sales invoice is provided as proof of purchase


Warranty does not cover the replacement of any stored water lost as a result of a faulty tank nor water lost as a result of the
repair or replacement of an All Weather Tank.

The Warranty Period is 10 years from original date of sale.


All claims should be referred initially to the place of purchase so that the stockist can notify All Weather Tanks of the warranty claim and provide all relevant evidence and documentation. Where a claim needs to be made directly to Head Office the warranty claims must be made in writing within 7 days of the fault being discovered and sent to All Weather Tanks at either:

The claim must provide the following information:

Name and Address of owner (Claimant)
Address/location of tank if different from owners addres
Description and location of fault (Photo of fault if possible)
Copy of original sales invoice clearly showing date of purchase
Name and Address of supplier
Upon receiving a warranty claim the manufacturer may either have the tank repaired or replaced or may, at the Manufacturers discretion, reimburse the purchaser on a pro-rata basis to the original value of the tank only, excluding GST, calculated in proportion with the pro-rata time remaining of the Warranty Period.



All weather tanks cannot be held responsible or liable
if all installation instructions are not followed.

Please refer to all weather tanks website for all installation
requirements and tank warranty information.

If you have purchased your All Weather Tank from one of our Authorised Dealer’s and it has been installed by a Licensed Installer,